We have only one Earth, home to 8.7 million species, and being the generation of present and future, we are responsible for the resources of this planet and to conserve, repair and reverse trends.

Young Voices for Ecosystem Management

Blog of the IUCN CEM Young Professionals

Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded land and Termite management in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

By Mezgebu Senbeto Duguma, IUCN CEM Young Professional. Land degradation is a pervasive and systemic phenomenon. It is a global problem, adversely affecting the livelihoods and food security of billions of people. Combating land degradation and restoring degraded land is…

Pachyderm in our parlour – harmonizing the individual, species, and landscape perspectives

By Anushree Bhattacharjee, IUCN CEM Young Professional. The unfortunate incident of the pregnant elephant that succumbed to injuries from the food bomb in Kerala, India on May 27, 20201, brought forth an outpouring of righteous anger and demands for immediate…