2nd CEM Chair Young Professional Award Goes to…Nicholas Murray..!!


We are very proud to announce the winner of the next CEM Young Professional Award: Dr. Nick Murray! Nicholas Murray is a research fellow at Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The jury was impressed with his academic achievements and his demonstrated commitment to conservation and ecosystem management, including voluntary work. In addition, over the past few years he has been an important part of the Red List of Ecosystems team.


He will get this award at IUCN Conservation Congress at Hawaii.

CEM Chair Young Professional Award award aims to recognize and motivate an outstanding young CEM (Commission on Ecosystem Management)member aged between 18-35 years who has shown exemplary engagement in scientific research related to ecosystem management. The award was to be presented to someone who demonstrates commitment to the values and vision of IUCN’s  CEM, is involved in a graduate or postgraduate research position at the local, regional or global level, and has promoted the CEM Mandate in tangible ways. The nominees were required to stand out as inspirational role models to other young professionals. Advancing the vision was not only considered as working with either the Members, Commissions or Secretariat, but  also  about there involvment and work on projects, programmes,and organizations that support the IUCN vision of a ‘world that values and conserves nature’. More emphasis during selection by an estemmed International Jury was paid on how the nominee plays a central role in the initiative to work with young professionals.

Many excellent Young Professionals applied this time too and were nominated for the CEM Young Professional Award, seriously challenging the selection committee, led by CEM SC member Said Damhoureyeh. There is, however, one clear winner and that was Nicholas Murray..!!

In his research Nick has focussed on delivering the science necessary to inform large (continental) scale conservation decisions. He works at the interface of conservation biology, geography and ecology, and have ongoing research projects focused on monitoring change in ecosystems and wildlife populations. He uses a range of tools in his work, with particular focus on remote sensing and spatial analysis. His technical expertise includes spatial analysis (ArcGIS, R), remote sensing (primarily Landsat, MODIS), trend analysis (R, WinBUGS), spatial planning (Marxan), ecological field work and computer programming (Python, R). He routinely works in multi-disciplinary teams and has completed collaborative projects that involve authors and advisors from >10 countries.

He is member of the IUCN Coastal Ecosystems and Red List of Ecosystems Thematic Groups (Commission on Ecosystem Management), and a member of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Committee for Scientific Standards.

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