Alice trying to conserve the “Wonderland”


Following a PhD from the University of Bristol Alice C. Hughes has worked in the Australasian region for the last nine years with positions in the CSIRO in Australia, Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, and is now an Associate professor and Leader of the Landscape Ecology group at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has honorary positions in Bangor and Groeningham Universities. Additionally she is on a number of societal boards including Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Chapter and Chair of the Capacity building committee for the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation, Training and Education officer for the Asian section of the Society of Conservation biology and a board member for the Society for Tropical Ecology (GTOE), and INNGE (International Network of Next Generation Ecologists).

Her research focuses on trying to understand patterns of diversity, and biogeography across Southeast Asia, on a range of taxa, and aims to use this analysis to inform better management and conservation across the region. This includes the development of novel integrations of different forms of data to attempt to understand these patterns at spatio-temporally relevant scales, and facilitate adaptive management and strategic conservation, especially for forest and karst ecosystems. Some of her current work also includes building a biodiversity database for the Southeast Asian region to provide a more consistent baseline for effective conservation science and management.


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