Cherishing Chilika’s beauty

I got an opportunity to intern with Chilika Development Authority this summer of 2016 and witnessed some very exquisite moments of nature beauty at Chilika. Being a Delhiite and far from the bounties of nature, to live by the side of Chilika offered a very exotic experience altogether. This wetland ecosystem dwells unique birds where they fly freely claiming their territory. Little fishes came near to the jetty and left bubbles of air from their mouth to let me know their presence. Chilika holds a history of many events with the thousands of years old existence. Each sediment grain has travelled miles to constitute the lake bottom while some have found their place in the Bay of Bengal. Irrawady dolphin is the charm of the lake attracting thousands of tourists each year. Birds from different countries bring their stories to share with others while celebrating winters in Chilika. And not to forget the popular prawns which is the special delight offered by Chilika.

Chilika has many facets, but out of all, the most intriguing phenomenon to me was the changing sky. It was essential to have my camera always ready to capture a sudden beautiful moment of Chilika, distinct each time. In my photo essay, I present the different moods of the sky and lake that I captured during my stay in Odisha.

First rays
First rays: It is early in the morning and the water is calm after a torrential night. Birds come out to call for the Sun
Morning rainbow
Coloured Morning: After the boat sets out in the lake, a rainbow sees the fishermen off for a good day ahead

Blooming white

Blooming white: The whiteness is adding to the exuberance in the sky before the greys fill it

Weeping sky
Weeping sky: When clouds meet Chilika, it is weeping with joy, as the rains add life to the lake every monsoon
Afternoon nap
Afternoon nap: It is time for the boat to meet the shore for some rest, before venturing out in the evening for a second catch
Golden dusk
Golden dusk: The Sun and clouds create magic together


Author: Ishita Jalan

Student, Environmental Engineering, Delhi Technological University

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