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Introducing one of the Conservation Heroes from India, Dr. Deepak  whose conservation updates from across the globe in a very interactive way in last 4 years (Since, 2013) have created a lot of buzz through social media platform of Facebook.

It is very important to feel and understand the pulse of common citizen’s. How they react and link themselves to these environmental updates, stories, thoughts and actions and for that virtual platform of social media has been a boon for me. I could connect and get views of not only experts, esteemed organizations but also common people, homemakers, students etc.

Born and brought up in a small Himalayan town in India Chamba Deepak has closely observed beauty of nature, chirping birds, lush green forests and sky high mountains. But he has also witnessed and faced extreme events, disasters and lot more being in Himalayas. Not only he has extensively worked on conservation promotion and popularization through Social media through his personal page but he also brings vast field experience to share with coming generations.

He has extensively worked for more than a decade on lesser known underutilized wild edibles of Himalayas; developing community seed bank for lesser known wild edibles; community initiatives for climate change adaptation and mitigation in arid deserts of Gujarat and developing agri horti models for livelihood security of locals. He holds his PhD on Seabuckthorn a lesser known but potential wild edible from Trans Himalayas.

His personal page is COPAL (Society for Conserving Planet and Life) with a logo depicting three budding leaves…representing conservation, sustainable development and equitable sharing of benefits…!! The fundamental aim of COPAL is to conduct and promote research through community participation in all sectors of environmental and biodiversity conservation especially applied research of direct relevance to planning and management of natural resources.



A thought that changed his life came in year 2010 when he started feeling that unless we motivate and make conservation every single human’s business we are not going to achieve the goal of nature conservation at large.


His page has following of more than 45 thousand and posts reach goes upto 15 lakh per post. I mean that is a big number..! other than his innovative updates he is available to interactive discussions for awareness generation to school kids, youth and also publishes an Newsletter year..!! This newsletter is online and has an equally interesting name “Ecowhisper”.


The way he uses to connect with his social media audience or readers really inspires many and this journey of awareness generation has also brought a lot of changes to his own way of life. As he himself accepts.


“After actually understanding deforestation at large and learning how our requirement for Palm oil is leading to loss of tropical forests..I feel myself moved..I was a non vegetarian who has turned vegetarian and I am on my way to be a vegan in future.”

His work has been greatly appreciated at many forums and he wishes to keep this movement stronger involving a lot many people in future..

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