Pigmy Shrew: Encounter with Grasshopper –

Pigmy shrew is the smallest known mammal. It is having high ratio of body surface area to volume due to this Pigmy Shrew is having very fast metabolism. Pigmy Shrew eats per day twice of its weight food. Grasshoppers are one preferred feast form them. They kill large prey by a sharp bite to the head and eat them quickly. Following snaps shows encounter of Pigmy Shrew in Bundelkhand district Chattarpur in Madhya Pradesh India.

PigmyShrew 1
Pigmy Shrew in search of food


Cathching hold of his prey







Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain is having national and international experience in the field of Environment Management and Sustainable Development. He did Post Graduate Diploma in Universalization of Socio-economic Securities from International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, (The Hague, The Netherlands), Executive Master in e Governance from EPFL, Lausanne, (Switzerland) and Ph.D in Lithology and Soil Characteristics in Relation to Forest Vegetation of Garhwal Himalaya from Forest Research Institute, University, Dehradun, (India)


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