Shalini Dhyani’s impressions and vision, as CEM YPN Lead


“As a CEM YPN youth chair my main responsibility is to generate awareness about CEM’s mandate and activities among youth. I work to increase youth participation and involvement in commission activities and events. In the last almost an year and half, I have ensured youth participation within the commission and also among IUCN’s cross commission youth networks and IUCN Task force on Intergenerational Partnerships. I understand that under current situations, when Planet is already at it’s crossroads there will be many challenges waiting for future generations and youth in the future. My vision for youth members is that we need to follow the benchmarks set by our peers, by working tirelessly for conservation and management of natural resources using nature based sustainable solutions. My advice to youth is not to give up, in any case, and bring out meaningful scientific contributions. Youth are desired to provide innovations in nature-based solutions that can improve the quality of life and livelihood opportunities for local and indigenous communities. We, as emerging leaders, need to combine our voice and efforts with established leaders through intergenerational partnerships to achieve a greater impact on ecosystem conservation and management. I am optimistic that we will be able to improve the status of our planet in the coming years”.

Author: Dr. Shalini Dhyani, Co-lead CEM YPN

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