IUCN-CEM Young Professional Award

Deadline: November 1, 2019 at 17 h Eastern Time

This award aims to recognize and motivate an outstanding young CEM (Commission on Ecosystem Management) member aged between 18-35 years who has shown exemplary engagement in scientific research or activities related to ecosystem management. The award will be presented to someone who demonstrates commitment to the values and vision of IUCN-CEM, is involved in doing an outstanding work in research or volunteer service at the local, regional or global level, and has promoted the CEM Mandate in tangible ways. The nominees must stand out as inspirational role models to other young professionals.
Advancing the vision will not only be considered as working with either the Members, Commissions or Secretariat, but it will also involve working on projects, programmes, and organizations that support the IUCN-CEM priorities, under the IUCN One Program. More emphasis will be paid to how the nominee plays a central role in the initiative to work with young professionals.


The following criteria will be considered when selecting the candidate:

  • Has demonstrated exceptional commitment to furthering the IUCN vision and mission and CEM mandate and priorities;
  • Has led innovative and successful local, national, international, and/or online projects or graduate or postgraduate research that contribute in tangible ways to enhancing the IUCN One Programme;

These criteria will be assessed based on the following:

  • The nature and scope of the project, research or activity and the achievements so far and how it matches with the CEM activities and priorities;
  • The uniqueness and originality of the project, research or activity (e.g., visionary and innovative new ideas and approaches being developed);
  • The possibilities of replication, expansion or research, and its capacity to be integrated into CEM activities;
  • Has engaged and inspired other young professionals in his/her work.


The winner will receive full financial support to attend the World Conservation Congress 2020, where the award recipient will be recognized.

Application process

Please note that all documents should be written in English. The following documents are required:

  • A nomination letter from an active CEM member who can testify about the Young Professional work, research or activity (maximum of 2 pages);
  • A full Curriculum Vitae (education, professional experience, voluntary experience, full list of publications, lectures given), also providing the candidate’s date of birth (maximum of 4 pages);
  • One letter of support from a present or immediate past supervisor who can testify about the work, project or activity (maximum of 2 pages);
  • A copy of the peer-reviewed publication(s) or documentation demonstrating the action and outcomes of the work or project and/or Additional testimonials (photos, stories of change, articles in the press, etc.) are not needed but can be submitted, in addition to the peer-reviewed publication(s) (maximum of 4 pages)

Packages that do not include the required documents or exceed the limit in number of pages for each item will be automatically rejected. Nomination packages should be sent to Liette Vasseur, lvasseur@brocku.ca, one integrated PDF document.

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