Large-scale Reforestation Projects to hit California


Wildfires are getting larger and more intense in California with hundreds of thousands of acres burning and thousands of homes being lost and hundreds of thousands evacuating annually.

Land Life Company, an Amsterdam-based, multinational reforestation company, is set to establish a base of operations and team in California. Benoît Clément, a CEM Young Professional, has taken on the position to spearhead this initiative. A native Californian and ecologist, Benoît just finished his MBA in Sustainability Management program in Switzerland after co-managing 2K arborists in the deadliest wildfire disaster recovery project in US history, Paradise, California’s Camp Fire. Prior to the disaster recovery project, he consulted for several environmental organizations in watershed restoration, water conservation, and regenerative agriculture.

With organizations becoming conscious of their carbon emissions, Land Life Company is directing its carbon offsetting investments into the reforestation of California’s landscapes. Planting trees is only the first step to a critical effort to drawdown carbon and mitigate climate change. It recognizes the survival of the trees as critical to Land Life Company. Using advancing technology, the reforestation projects continue to strive to increase the success rates of the trees planted.

Combining data monitoring with ecological expertise and indigenous knowledge, California’s land restoration efforts are strengthening to new levels of efficacy.

We base this report on the updates from Benoît Clément.

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