IUCN Global Youth Summit Networking session on Developing Principles for Ecosystem Governance

By Deepu Sivadas, Lead, IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network.

We are glad to announce that IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network hosts a Networking session on “Developing principles for ecosystem governance to ensure net gain in biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human wellbeing” as part of the Global Youth Summit 2020.

Date and link to attend the session:

April 13, 2021, 3PM–4PM UTC

To successfully access the event, please register for the Summit in advance, which can be done here: https://whova.com/portal/registration/igys_202010/. Please enter the event using the above link.

Brief description:

In this session, we will introduce the concept of ecosystem governance and propose a set of principles that are based on a survey completed in 2020. The principles are based on ideas of sustainability, participatory approaches and space. It is hoped that a discussion can follow the presentation to help further their development.

Language of session: English

Name and Short Bios of the speaker(s):

Liette Vasseur and Tomas Zuklin (CEM- Ecosystem Governance Thematic Group Leads)

Dr Liette Vasseur is a full professor in Biology and Environment Sustainability at Brock University. Her research program is mainly in climate change, sustainable development, community-based ecosystem management, and environmental health. She is an IUCN CEM Steering Committee Member with Biosphere Reserves, Ecosystem Governance, Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Groups, and Young Professionals Network under her portfolio.

Mr Tomas Zuklin is currently an Environmental Governance Researcher at Associated Wildlife and Environment Conservation Community (AWECC), a civil society organization based in Paris.

Ms Salima Medouar, Co-Lead, IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network moderates the session.

If you have any specific questions to be discussed/answered in the session, you can leave them even prior to the session.  Please leave them in the Q&A session of this event in the Whova app, which can be assessed in the below link


or send to us by email over here.

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