IUCN Global Youth Summit Networking session on Intergenerational Partnerships for UN Decade on Ecosystem restoration

By Deepu Sivadas, Lead, IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network.

We are glad to announce that IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network hosts a Networking session on “Intergenerational Partnerships for UN Decade on Ecosystem restoration: learning from meaningful youth engagement” as part of the Global Youth Summit 2020.

Date and link to attend the session:

April 10, 2021, 3PM–4PM UTC

To successfully access the event, please register for the Summit in advance, which can be done here: https://whova.com/portal/registration/igys_202010/. Please enter the event using the above link.

Brief description:

Ecosystem Restoration should be an important component of conservation and sustainable development programmes so that the livelihoods of people depending on these degraded ecosystems can be sustained. In this session, we will introduce the information on the science and practice of Ecosystem Restoration. Furthermore, how ecological restoration can be applied as a tool for reversing ecosystem fragmentation. The perspective of two YPs working in Ecosystem Restoration will be presented, followed by a 30-minute discussion to help understand the perspectives of YPs.

The session will cover the following

  1. Restoring the unrestored: Strategies for Restoring Global Land
  2. Climate sensitive restoration framework
  3. Land degradation and restoration: Experiences of YPs

Language of session: English

Name and Short Bios of the speaker(s):

Dr P.C. Abhilash is an Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science at the Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University, India. He is also the Group Lead of the IUCN CEM Agroecosystems Specialist Group.

Dr Shalini Dhyani is a Senior Scientist with CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India. She is also the regional chair of the IUCN CEM South Asia region and Lead Author IPBES Global Assessment Sustainable Use of Wild Species.

Mr Florent Kaiser is a part of FLR and is a youth engagement and intergenerational partnership representative, IUCN CEC. He is also the founder of the Global Landscapes Forum, which connected the Youth in Landscapes Initiative.

Dr Sheikh Adil Edrisi is an Assistant Professor with Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India. He is also a part of IUCN CEM YPN and one of the 25 globally recognised potential young scientists to be awarded the Green Talents Awards-2019.

Dr Deepu Sivadas, Lead, IUCN CEM Young Professionals Network moderates the session.

If you have any specific questions to be discussed/answered in the session, you can leave them even prior to the session.  Please leave them in the Q&A section of this event in the Whova app, which can be assessed in the below link


or send to us by email over here.

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