Visualizations as a tool to increase community engagement in climate change adaptation decision-making

By Meredith DeCock-Caspell, IUCN CEM Young Professional.

As coastal zones become increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, many communities become paralyzed with how to move forward. Planning to adapt will not get you anywhere. Maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough. But what will inspire action? This perspective piece argues that if we can visualize the changes that have already occurred in our local areas, then we can better understand what is at stake and generate the motivation to adapt. Protecting our precious coastal ecosystems needs to be pushed to the front of the agenda, and we argue that visualizing coastline change, using a case study along the Great Lakes, can help break down some of the barriers to communities engaging in adaptation decision-making.  This tool can help support solutions such as ecosystem-based adaptation and nature-based solutions.

You can know more on this from our recent publication.

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