We are the Generations

Today, conserving biodiversity demands a dynamic of the same magnitude as that engaged in addressing climate change. It is a prerequisite for achieving the vision of a more prosperous, healthy and equitable world by 2030. Yet biodiversity and the life-giving services nature provides are under threat and too often overlooked. The good news is, conservation works. The evidence is overwhelming, and not only for biodiversity. Getting biodiversity right can provide decent work and prosperity for thousands of communities. It can greatly enhance food and water security, help tackle climate change and even support human rights and world peace. The next ten years leading to 2030 will be crucial for the future of all life on Earth. There is no longer a margin for missteps. The IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020 will be a decisive step in getting on the right path to humanity’s vision for 2030. We are the generations that can get this right. The IUCN World Conservation Congress is where the world comes together to set priorities and drive action to restore humanity’s relationship with nature. Join experts, professionals and IUCN’s 1300+ government, civil society and indigenous peoples’ Member organisations from over 160 countries at the largest global marketplace for conservation and sustainable development science, practice and policy. France and the city of Marseille will host the IUCN Congress 2020.