Relocation of Wildlife – Scramble for Space

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    Friends and Experts,

    My country Kenya has the only National Park in the Capital City (Nairobi) – A one of its kind globally. For years these natural ecosystems have blossomed until there was a need for more space to expand city infrastructure, of course, to bring services closer to the people. This National Park is now threatened. More and more encroachment by human settlements, Road Expansion is blatantly eating into the Park, and the most recent, a suggestion was floated to relocate all animals from the Park to Amboseli Game Reserve (with similar climatic conditions) to completely do away with the National Park. Last week a pride of Lions was spotted basking at a private home’s backyard, one of the homes built inside the formerly Park space .

    Well, such proposals as relocating animals cannot be taken lightly, especially if the suggestion becomes a reality, we will have the now National Park transformed into a concrete jungle and wildlife moved to a new Game Reserve. What are the survival rates for the different species? Has this been done elsewhere in the world and worked? I am a bit concerned considering that my country relocated 14 Rhinos to a new Game Reserve with clearly different climatic conditions and eight of them died while the remaining cannot be clearly traced. This story was published by the Guardian

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