Young Professionals Forum

To increase the proactive and meaningful participation of emerging young leaders and professionals in the priority areas of ecosystem management, we provide an opportunity for young professionals in the form of an online forum. Here you can seek advice on both conservation and sustainable development relevant issues, and their own development as professionals and access the experience of our broad membership to provide their expertise and build capacity, capability and confidence in the YPs.

How it works
How it works
This online forum lets the Young Professionals (YPs) seek advice on both conservation and sustainable development relevant issues.  This is a great way for you, your team members, and stakeholders to connect over shared experiences. In this forum, the topics can be posted under relevant CEM specialist groups and thematic groups.  Here the YPs can register and post their questions/topics of discussion in each group.  When a query appears in a group, we will pass it to the relevant CEM group, and some experts from that group will provide an answer to that question.  The topic will always be open for others to offer your comments. Visitors can react to content, share challenges, teach each other, learn by stating and understanding, clarify assumptions, experiment, own new skills, and ideas.
Rather than searching through a packed inbox of emails, you can simply ask a question within the forum and see everyone’s responses in a clear, chronological order. Collaboration can help to bring out the creative sides of you and others, as we can work closer together and bring new ideas to the table.
This way, we can have inter-generational cooperation, and YPs can learn from seniors.  Since the question and answers remain within our website, those having similar thoughts can also view these answers and get involved in the conversation.
By being part of a thriving online community, you will naturally feel more engaged with your fellow young professionals and peers and/or simply create a discussion and ask your community for help.
To avoid spamming, we had included a login form where one can register his/her account by simply providing your name and email id.  The details included will be safe and we didn't collect your personal data. For simplifying the login process for users, a social login option is also included, where you can use the existing login information of a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google, it’s easier when the user doesn’t have to create a new login account, meaning to think of a new username and password, and to remember it!. We request you to always use accurate information.
Once logged in, you can access your profile page from the top right corner and you may fill in your details there.
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